April 6, 2020

Manjaro ARM Linux Setup on Raspberry Pi 4

Screenshots of how easy it is.

Read time: 5 minutes. PDF version here.

The full information on why this distro, HW and cooling, explanations on BASH and Touchscreen with hundreds of links is available here. This guide only wants to show you, how Manjaro ARM team has done excellent work and made it super easy for you.

Prerequisites: Raspberry Pi 4 4 GB RAM, SanDisk Extreme 32 GB Video Speed Class V30 micro SD card, some HDMI monitor. Manjaro ARM image: Manjaro-ARM-xfce-rpi4-20.02.img, aarch64, Linux Kernel 4.19.97-1

The Screenshots

These are exactly in the order I got them. Be warned – if you do this on a small 7 inch HDMI Touchscreen – you will see nothing as it has big resolution but small screen. So attach the RPI4 to a normal HDMI monitor for this step. Later you can play with the display settings and connect the smaller screen.

As you will see – you simply choose Keyboard, user name, groups for your user, passwords for the user and root, time zone and localization. At the end you get a nice summary. About the groups for your user – if you don’t know what to do leave them empty – the default settings work perfectly fine. At the end you will see the final result :). It is on a rotated 24 inch monitor, hence the vertical orientation.

What to do after the installation: here.


For Groups – if you have no specific needs and / or knowledge – leave them with the default values.

Those work perfectly fine.












Manjaro Linux on Raspberry Pi 4