A person’s out of work interests define the way he looks to life. Some may consider this part of life quite irrelevant to a professional website, but in my experience we connect psychologically better when we know each other a bit.

Short life story

I was raised on Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. My grandfather – the best example for me as a person – was chief electrical engineer for the building of over 15 big factories in the eastern part of Bulgaria. He traveled a lot and taught me the basic skills of electrical engineering while I was still a kid. His side hobby during his youth was singing for 20 years in the musical theater of Yambol city and they toured a lot.
When I became a teenager I had to choose a direction for my life. I was studying at this time in the 1st Spanish Language high school (where I profiled with mathematics). I have defined that for me this will be the area of electronics and computers and since then have kept the course steady.
During the first few years in the Technical University of Sofia I was mostly HW oriented, but with the years passing I developed strong interests in the SW development and decided that despite my HW background I want to work in this field. After so many years I’m still willing to learn more and more in this vast universe. For me it provides infinite challenges and the opportunity to build useful products that change the way we live for better.


Music and dancing

I collect music since I was a kid as my family was always related tightly to it – my mother is an ex-pianist, literally half of my family was playing for many years some instruments in their youth, and I have played the guitar for an year. In addition I have visited enough concerts (incl. classical) since I was a kid and have always considered music as an inseparable part of life. My collection contains over 30 genres starting from almost any type of rock and hard rock, going through classical, jazz, bossa nova, a lot of ethnical music from all over the world and all types of salsa.

I have started dancing salsa in 2009 and since then have visited over 35 festivals. I dance several styles of social latin dances and consider this one of the greatest ways to move your body and enjoy one of the greatest joyful genres of music.


I love to travel and do it whenever I can. So far I have visited 15 countries (one of them Cuba) and I think that for knowing a bit the culture of a country one needs at least ten days .


Since I was a kid I always read books. It is one of the greatest ways to enjoy a longer trip, learn new things and exercise your imagination. I love novels, metaphysics, popular philosophy, popular psychology, fantasy and Sci-Fi


I ski since 9 years old, I own 3 bikes, swim whenever I can and consider this an inseparable part of our life (if one would love to have good health both in body and soul) 🙂