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April 6, 2020

Manjaro ARM Linux Setup on Raspberry Pi 4

Screenshots of how easy it is. Read time: 5 minutes. PDF version here. INTRODUCTION and NOTA BENE: The full information on why this distro, HW and cooling, explanations on BASH and Touchscreen with hundreds of links is available here. This guide only wants to show you, how Manjaro ARM team has done excellent work and […]

Manjaro Linux on Raspberry Pi 4
September 13, 2019

Thread Pool Design Pattern

Why do we need it, when to use it, how to design it (in C++)? Reading time: 5+ minutes The design patterns in most general OOP languages have developed to a vast majority of techniques. In this article I will speak for one of the most important concepts when designing a multi-threading application – the […]

SW Development
December 23, 2018

RTOS, Latencies, Linux and SW libraries when choosing an OS solution for an embedded product with higher requirements for features

Read time: 20+ minutes Introduction For quite some time we have the world of RTOS solutions developing itself boldly. New distributions of Linux come (and sometimes they are discontinued), the kernel evolves slowly and securely, but many times RTOS systems, that theoretically may be better for your device, come and go without much noise as […]

SW Development
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